Photos are meant to be shared, and putting a stack of them in an album is the best way to do that. Having an album is different to choosing a few images to frame - you can include the inbetween images as well, the shots that glue the the story together. The shots that will take you back to the feelings of the day in 10, 20, 50 years time. In decades to come, the album becomes a family heirloom in a way that images on a screen do not.
These albums feature beautiful cloth covers and thick, matte finish pages. The centre fold is barely noticeable and pages lay flat, so there's no worrying about faces getting smushed in the middle. At 10x10", they're easy to carry around but provide a huge 20x10" area for images once opened up. Albums work best with a simple design. I put together the first layout, after which you can request any changes you like.
The best way to appreciate these is in person. I have a sample album to browse through, as well as a swatch book of the various cover colours available.